The pressure is on.
He’s proposed, or maybe you did! Whatever the important thing is that you’ve decided to get married. So whats next ? The venue!  That’s right the venue! This is because once you’ve selected your venue lots of other things fall into place like….

How big is the venue ?
That puts boundaries around how many people you can invite.

Its a tough decision because you’re under pressure from Mum too. Do you invite Auntie Joyce and her three daughters that you haven’t seen since you were in primary school?

What food do they serve at the venue?
You can at last pin down your wedding’s cuisine; the number of courses and what options you can offer to your vegetarian guests.
Food is everything to guests so its important for you to get that right!

What’s it going to cost? Wow that’s a biggy, and its also very important especially if Dad’s paying or if you are independents who want to pay everything yourselves.

So you can see that selecting the wedding venue is a critical early step, so hopefully the information in this site will help you consider your options and make an informed wedding venue decision.

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